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Ya hize esta GUIA en castellano llamada COMO PELIAR EN LAS WARS

1. Intro
2. F2P Tanks
3. P2P Tanks
4. Defence Training (F2P)
5. Defence Training (P2P)
6. Equipment pictures
7. The Pest Control Strategy
8. Armor Strategies
9. Credits
A tank in Runescape would be defined as a person with lower attack and strength and higher defence. They also have high range, mage, or both. Tanks have an upper hand as they have high defence, allowing them to take minimum damage but with range or mage deal damage to their opponent.

F2P Tanks
An F2P tank normally is a ranger who wears green dhide top + rune helm and legs. There are also Mage F2p Tanks who wear full armor such as full adamant with staff to effectivly mage and take minimum damage. Their stats are usually as follows

Range Tank (F2P)
1-30 Attack and Strength
40 Defence
40+ Range
1-43 Prayer

Mage Tank (F2P)
1-30 Attack and Strength
30-40 Defence
40+ Magic
1-43 Prayer


P2P Tanks
Tanks in P2P are normally what people think of when tank comes up. They have the advantage of barrows armor. So not only would one of these have massive defence bonus, but also good range bonus (Karils Xbow, Crystal bow, etc.) Their stats are usually as follows

1-70 Attack (going over 70 is not recommended)
1-70 Strength (same as attack)
70+ Defence (some keep at 70 to preserve combat level)
70+ Range (For Karils)
70+ Mage (optional but can be very good)
52 Prayer (Smite)


F2P Tank Defence Training
All I really need to tell you is where to train defence. (Info on range training here) To start, grab some full iron and a prefered iron weapon and head over to lumbridge cows.

1-10 Defence

So you got your Black Armor, now head over to the Monastery!
(Don`t Bring food because monks can heals you)
10-40 Defence

You can now wear Rune! If you didn't level strength or attack, you should be a whooping 16 combat. Good job.


P2P Tank Defence Training (Continued from 40 Defence)
Alright, so now you're 40 Defence, you can do Dragon Slayer if you want to wear green d'hide top. After that, you could train your attack and strength to 40 (optional.) Before doing any ranging in members, make sure to do Animal Magnetism Then get that range to 70! Moving right along - grab your Rune Armor and best weapon and head over to Rock Crabs!

Rock Crabs - Yes, Rock Crabs are definitely one of the best sources of defence exp!

At this points you can wear Barrows Armor. I'd recommend having 700-1000k saved for a Tank's favorite barrows pieces - a Torag helm (300,000-400,000gp) and a Verac Skirt (400,000-600,000gp.)
Equipment Pictures

^60k_Total_D - a Rune Tank

^Gaastad N00B - Full Tank but low range/range (sin ofender xD)

The Pest Control Strategy (40+ Combat req)
By using my PC Strategy, you can gain multiple levels such as Defence and Range at the same time. It's simple - train one of the skills during the game such as Defence. Then with the points you earn, you can get another skill leveled. Also, the gp earned from winning games can be used to buy things such as armor, arrows, etc.

Armor Strategies
Well these are some of the best things to wear if you're staking/PKing.

F2P Mage Tank
Full Armor (Best armor that your defence level allows)
Amulet of Magic
Air Staff

F2P Range Tank (Dragon Slayer required and 40 Defence + 40 Range)
Rune Helm + Rune legs/skirt
Green d'hide body + vambs
Amulet of power
Maple Shortbow

F2P Range Tank (40 Defence required + 40 Range)
Rune Helm + Rune chainbody
Green d'hide chaps + vambs
Amulet of power
Maple Short bow

Note: P2P Rune Tanks can replace green d'hide with blue, red, or black; replace Amulet of power with an amulet of glory; and replace maple shortbow with magic shortbow.

P2P Range Tank (70 Defence + Range required)
Torag/Dharok Helm
Magic Shortbow/Karil's Crossbow/Crystal Bow (Roving elves required for Crystal bow)
Amulet of glory/Amulet of Fury
Black d'hide body/Karil's leatherbody/Dharok platebody
Black d'hide chaps/Verac Skirt/Dharok platelegs
Barrows gloves (Recipe for Disaster required)/Spiked Black d'hide vambs
Rune Boots/Ranger Boots/Climbing Boots (Death Plateu required for Climbing boots)
Archer Ring/Ring of Wealth/Ring of Recoil
Ava's Accumulator (Animal Magnetism required)/Fire Cape/Skillcape/Obsidian Cape
Rune Arrows/Bolt Racks

I pk all44 (por que arregle y agrege cosas xD)

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